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i'm better than you

Think back with me.
Take a seat.
You’re in a kitchen, by the sink.
You’re scrubbing dishes, your father’s yelling
But you can’t quite tell just what he’s saying.
And then it hits you
And you drop the plate
He’s got your wrists between his fingers and his face,
Oh god, his face is filled with a rage you never thought that he could muster

You hear your mother quietly mutter
Something about how ‘they’re just kids’
But his hands wring you even tighter
And now your cheek begins to sting.

There’s finality in his voice
As he says ‘you’ll never see him again’
‘The boys will take care of that for me’
‘I won’t have none of them mixed children’.

And suddenly love has lines
That certain colors cannot cross.

Now look down again.
You’re in a different seat.
You see two pairs of frantic feet.
You’re on a bus. Someone’s beside you.
But their eyes are full of fear.

They lean in close, and then they whisper
‘I don’t think that we’re safe here.’
You’re holding hands.
Someone says ‘faggots’.
You catch them in the driver’s mirror.
Half a dozen people smirk.

Suddenly love has lines
Where only certain genders work.

Close your eyes again.
Okay, now open them.

You’re in a living room
Kissing someone like they’re everything.
You look down and smile.
You’re both wearing wedding rings.
And a little girl is giggling
Peeking out from in the kitchen.

She’s got golden skin and curly hair
And her eyes are a beautiful green.
Isn’t this everybody’s dream?

Happiness. That’s what I mean.
Love without lines or boundaries.

Take a stand.

  a.c.g. - “Love has no lines.” (via coffeecigarettesandkisses)


If kissing her

Is a sin


I hope I’m a sinner

Every day for the rest of my life.


I’m gay. Okay?
I’m not confused. I’m not lonely.
It’s not just a phase.
I don’t just like the attention. 
I’m gay, alright I like girls.
It’s not something I can go to my room and think about and change.
It’s not something you can fix.
It’s not even something that needs fixing.


Define love.
Open your mind
and explain it to me.

Define a relationship.
Envision what would make you truly happy
and tell me what you see.

Define a lover.
A partner.
A spouse.

A home.
A family.
A support system.

I see two people,
with mutual admiration,
adoration, and respect.
With hands intertwined, playful.
Teasing. And huge smiles,
and warm hearts. Who compromise,
and strengthen each other
to overcome any obstacles.

I see intimacy.
And fire, and sparks;
heated looks, want, and need.
Raw passion.

I see a new house
or apartment, or condo, or loft
with couches, and parties,
food, and relatives;
maybe even a pet roaming around.

I see a child’s innocence.
Their laughter, their love,
their affection.
Who they look up to,
attracted by kindness in its purest form.

I see happiness.

I don’t see gender.
Nor exclusively a man and a woman.
I don’t see “hetero-” or “homosexual”
stamped on their home’s lease.

Not judgment in an untainted child’s eyes.

Nor harm or pain inflicted
on those around a same-sex right to love.
No fault, no fear, no inferiority.
I don’t see pets cringe or flinch
when their owners kiss.

Not a trace of immorality or impurity or violation of God.

I do not see a relationship founded only on sexual interaction.
But apparently the second two same sexes come together,
that’s almost always the primary concern.
So what explicitly, besides intercourse,
differentiates gay from straight relationships?

I’m pretty sure they’re gay the rest of the day too.
Can you tell one’s a homosexual based on how they drive a car?
Or make a pot of coffee?
Or sing?

I know you can based on their ability to make a commitment to one another,
because they’re still deprived of equal rights.

I do not see fault in loving another unconditionally.

But maybe you see things differently.
Maybe you disagree.
Maybe I am just blinded by love;
Just maybe, I’m blinded by the way it should be.

  "Kaleidoscope Love," (LGBTQ Equality) -Valentina Thompson (via theseoverusedwords)


When I was born

I got a frame from my godparents

Stating my name, birth date and weight.

It was surrounded by pink ribbons and flowers,

Because I was a girl, and that’s what I should like

Even at only a day old

2 years later, I got a baby brother: Dan

He, too, got a similar frame

But his…



Feminism should be about equality, not about promoting women as being better than men and men being the scummiest creatures to ever live.

Stop turning feminism ( something that is supposed to be empowering ) into another prejudice.





Female privilege is getting to claim a headache to avoid sex.

Female oppression is having to claim physical illness to avoid sex because men won’t take a simple fucking “no” for an answer.

Female oppression is men being so entitled that they think being denied sex is oppressive.


(via fuckyesfeminist)